Sound Corny? 


Many crops such as corn can be used to create biofuels that reduce the carbon levels in the environment. Other crops such as potatoes can also be used and the vegetable matter or by products are fermented to create alcohols which can be used as an alternative to petrol.

Can I use Biofuel?


Yes you can start using biofuels to power your car! Buy using ethanol additives to fuel you can start reducing your carbon footprint immediately.

By having modifications done to your vehicle you can use a wider variety of biofuels and really play a part in change.

Biomass is a term used to describe the amount of organic life on the planet. The term refers mainly to the amount of vegetation that exists at any one time. As global warming continues to be a major problem, the biomass of the planet continues to be reduced.

The mining of natural gas as a fuel for cars continues to cause problems across the globe. Coal seam gas mining is probably the worst offender when it comes to environmental impact. Natural gas can also be used to power our society but the long term effects may have global ramifications.

Energy Technology

Biofuel Advancements 


As we move forward with global warming and the need to create new fuel sources, we see a lot of advancements in the bio fuel industry. If we are to manage climate change effectively we need to spend more money on research into fossil fuel alternatives.


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Biofuels Have Enormous Potential for Renewable 
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