Alternative fueling for the future

Biodiesel or green diesel is the name given to a hydrogen added alkane renewable diesel. The fuel is created by mixing vegetable oil or animal fat based oils with alcohol and then producing bio diesel. Various bio diesels can also be used for heating solutions in a domestic situation. If you are thinking of selling your used car in Brisbane because of your concerns of its environmental impact.


Ethanol commonly known as alcohol, can be produced quite easily via fermenting various organic materials such as cane sugar and is often produced as a by product of the cane sugar industry. Ethanol is also used as a fuel additive to standard petroleum products as it reduces the carbon footprint of the fossil fuels being burnt. Fuelling fused with ethanol is also generally cheaper.

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All About Alternative Fuels.


Alternative fuels are now becoming very popular  around the globe.  With global warming becoming one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time,  environmentally friendly fuels that reduce carbon footprints  are becoming more and more popular in our modern age.  We are going to discuss some of the more available  alternatives to traditional fossil fuels  and their availability.





Methanol or wood alcohol is also a another alternative to traditional fossil fuel produced by the distillation of oil. Methanol is cheap to produce and once again has a lot lower carbon output when it is burnt inside a motor vehicle engine or used in any kind of manufacturing process that normally relies on petroleum.

Hydrogen can also be used to power a special engine by using the process of electrolysis and creating hydrogen gas which is highly flammable. The gas is funnelled into the engine of the vehicle and ignited to create an explosion which in turn powers the vehicle. Hydrogen gas is probably the most environmentally friendly solution when it comes to biofuels.